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In here you'll find info about mobile phones, specially Ericsson model Ga628. This info is provided only for information purposes and should not be used in illegal activities against anything or anyone.

The author of this web page is not responsable for any acts taken by those who follow any of the instructions given here. Use this information at your own risk and don't blame anyone for your acts. If you wan't to do anything presented here, do it at your own and if you suspect something isn't right or not going to work or going to damage something - Just don't do it or if you really have to do it, do it carefully - Just don't blame me for that ;)

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Now let's get to what really mathers, but keep the above lines in mind if you're going to do anything presented here. Next, are the links to the various subjects covered in this page:

Ericsson Ga628

Official info

Secret codes e tips

Conector PinOut

Command set

PC <-> Phone interface

How to put phone in test mode

Download page - ShowLocks v0.4 available now!!!


Ga628 links

Electronics useful links

Free links

Some friends links

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